Our Dogs


Ruby lying down

Ruby is an F1 miniature Labradoodle.  Her mother was a chocolate Labrador, and her
father a black miniature Poodle.  She was born in July 2007. She has a sweet temperament
and is a very intelligent dog.





Millie is an F1 miniature Labradoodle who was born in August 2008.  She is a lively, fun-loving dog, who is energetic and loves to play.  She is very clever and extremely sociable. 

Lexie Apr 2012

Lexie is an F1 miniature labradoodle, born in August 2011.  Her mother is a

chocolate labrador and her father a chocolate miniature poodle.  She is a

very calm little dog who loves to play with other dogs (especially puppies).

She will be entering our breeding programme in the future.